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LAPD Fashion Police Cap
  • LAPD Fashion Police Cap

LAPD Fashion Police Cap

€ 400,00Price

Delivery in 4 weeks to 109 weeks.

Magnus, a hot-headed with an itchy trigger finger, is an international expert in toxic professional relationships.

The lesser-known younger brother of the famous detective Magnum PI, he is an inspector with the Los Angeles Police Department. His specialty? Not solving murder cases!

Magnus inherited from the family a taste for patterned shirts and ultra-short pants, suitable for the hot climate of California and his unnecessarily dynamic lifestyle.

  • Casquette brodée en coton véritable. 

    Avec cette casquette, devenez l'arbitre des élégances et arrêtez le mauvais goût : "OPEN THE DOOR THIS IS THE FASHION POLICE"

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