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Master P Waistcoat
  • Master P Waistcoat
  • Master P Waistcoat

Master P Waistcoat

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A child prodigy of ancient mathematics, at just 3 years of age he had discovered the ultimate decimal of pi.  At the age of 25, the public adulation that elevated him to the rank of mathematical star went to his head: he claimed to have found in the number pi the proof of the existence of God, and became the guru of a parareligious sect of 17 paying members, known as Master P. 


Found dead on the evening of January 12, 1997, it was established that he had been killed by 17 stab wounds from 17 different daggers, and Inspector Magnus classified the case as a suicide.

  • Vest cut from a stunning blend of linen and cotton, finely striped in rust and ivory.

    This vest will protect you from ugly summer breezes and the prying eyes of rich heiresses (your summer bodysuit, once again, wasn't summer-ready).

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