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Schneider trousers
  • Schneider trousers
  • Schneider trousers

Schneider trousers


Pants available custom-made, appointment required in Paris or Milan.

Inheriting a gigantic small factory in Creuse, Hanzelm lived for brutalist art, specializing in monumental Soviet concrete sculptures. His passion nearly led him to bankruptcy, forcing Schneider to turn to pawnbrokers.

He died a very brutal death in September 2004, strangled with a rope found at the crime scene. Unexpectedly, Magnus suspected the cleaning lady, who had to dust the industrialist's collection every morning.

  • Pants cut from a graceful blend of linen and wool, featuring sand-colored herringbone patterns on ivory.

    These ultra-high-waisted pants flow smoothly down thanks to their two generous pleats and a width of 22cm at the bottom.

    Perfect for your artist retreat in Acapulco!

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