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The Beautiful People

This new collection is a deep dive into an unforgettable party. The fabulous stylist of the Saint-Largent house has just died. The last posthumous fashion show is over, the tearful speeches have been given. The family members and colleagues are now gathered together for a very exclusive after-party. They will honor his memory of course, but above all they will finally find out who is going to inherit all that cash.  ​

This collection will be produced in November and mailed out in December of 2022. 


Written by: Francesco et Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola

Directed by: Jethro Massey

Texts by: Timothée de Blois et Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola

English texts by: Alex Rash et Jethro Massey

Casting by: Joanna Wojtowicz

Director of photography: Michel Tran

Lights: Dan Merson

Filmed at: Serpent à Plume (Paris)

Scenographer: Mathilde Dupont-Corbran

Props: Sorrel Mocchia di Coggiola 

Styling: Victor Piette

Hair & Makeup: Mily Serebrenik

Original Soundtrack: Marco Robino - Architorti


The Notary: Alex Rash

The Designer: James Thomas

The Actor: Lucas Englander

The Collector: Sabisha Friedberg

The Collector's assistant: Valery Khung

The Supplier: Henri Montague

The Intellectual: Nassim Guizani

The Gigolò: Duved Dunayevsky

The Femme Fatale 1: Mara De Nudée

The Femme Fatale 2: Dragoness Lola von Flame

The Retired Officer: Alexis Lavillat

The Designer's assistant: Victor Hanen

Special thanks to: Christian Louboutin (shoes), and to Maison Cinabre (ties).

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