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This new collection, the most accomplished and serious from the house since its founding in 1267, is a deep, true, sincere, authentic, and mysterious tribute to the Los Angeles of the 80s. Discover the catalog raisonné of unsolved homicides by Hercules Sullivan Magnus IV, detective of the formidable LA Police Department...


Our printed shirts

Reproductions of the works of Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola, these shirts are limited and numbered pieces. When the series ends, the looms are burned and the workers are massacred in true house style.

Discover our printed shirts


A dinner jacket to walk up the steps of the Cannes festival? Your three-piece suit to make your colleague at the Place Vendôme office jealous? The velvet suit you've always wanted for your teknival? 

Our linings

The Mocchia di Coggiola Brothers are pleased to present their collection of linings. Hand-drawn by Massimiliano under threat of sleep deprivation; adapted and produced by Francesco after unnecessary sacrificial rituals of several animal species in danger of extinction; These masterpieces are printed on delicious silk twill produced by thousands of underpaid Italian silkworms. The print is split in the middle to allow the laziest tailors to place the design by making it easily coincide in the center back seam.

Discover our linings

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