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More than a collection, NERO is an inspiration for the darkest corners of your wardrobe.

Here you will find tragic shirts for your most tragic evenings, lugubrious costumes very suitable for very mundane funerals (whether yours or those of your goldfish), violent cufflinks for the best sudden deaths, costumes for 'interiors to wear to visit the family crypt, as well as knee-highs to trample on your spouse's ashes. 

Mass has been said !

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Mi-bas rayés


Costume Marcello en fresco noir


Mi-bas simplissime


Robe de chambre en laine & soie


Boxer en satin de soie


Chemise de smoking en satin de soie

490,00 €

Pantalon en laine & soie brillantes

430,00 €

Boutons de manchettes

60,00 €

Chemise de smoking en popeline de coton noir

350,00 €

Costume trois pièces en whipcord gansée

1 700,00 €

Mi-bas rayés


Costume de maison en velours


Pyjama en satin de soie

590,00 €

Ensemble haori en matelassé de soie

1 960,00 €

Chemise col russe en satin de soie

460,00 €

Veste officier en jacquard de laine & soie

960,00 €

Costume club en whipcord noir


Mi-bas rayés


NERO is an inspiration collection, not ready-to-wear. Each piece is made to order, or bespoke after making an appointment at our Parisian showroom or at our boutique in Milan.

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